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Welcome to John Anthony Family of Wines

Our wine collections showcase the breadth and variety of our viticultural heritage and passion for wine.

Welcome to the John Anthony Family of Wines, a portfolio of wines created by vintners John Anthony and Michele Truchard. Each of our wine collections shares a different side of our personality, viticultural heritage, and love of winegrowing and winemaking. We are proud to share these wines with you, and hope to welcome you in person soon at our Tasting Rooms in Napa.


John Anthony Family

JaM Cellars is all about rich, bold, and pretension-free wines that are easy-to-love and fun to share. We blend high-quality California grapes into luscious everyday wines that pair perfectly with friends, festivities, and days of the week with a “y” in them. The names pretty much say it all: Butter Chardonnay, California Candy Rosé, JaM Cabernet and Toast Sparkling. Follow us #JaMCellars #ButterChardonnay #CaliforniaCandy #JaMCabernet #ToastSparkling

JaM cheers JaM Bottle and Glasses JaM Bottles

John Anthony Vineyards is our signature Estate collection—the label that started it all. We handcraft these wines from carefully selected Napa Valley vineyard sites where the terroir is ideally suited to the varietals grown. Vintage after vintage, these wines offer exceptional balance with a smooth, velvet texture, structure and complexity. Though all our Estate wines drink beautifully upon release, a little self-restraint yields even greater rewards in the years to come.

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Farm Napa Valley is John Anthony’s artisanal collection of wines, created to honor the importance of the grapegrower. John grew up tending his parents’ vineyard, and started his own vineyard management company in the mid ‘90s. After years of cultivating his clients’ hidden gems, John decided to buy some of the grapes from these premium sites himself. FARM Napa Valley wines are all about the pure, natural expression of fruit—Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon that John and winemaker Jeff Kandarian have lovingly nurtured from bloom to bottle.

FARM Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon John Anthony FARM Bottle and Glass

After years of farming cabernet sauvignon in the Napa Valley I decided to explore some new opportunities and start a Paso Robles-focused wine program and call it Serial.  The name comes from the idea that we will be producing a series of wines from the region and we think it’s a cool intriguing name. I chose Paso Robles, as the region produces outstanding fruit at approachable pricing. Plus the climate and soils make for rich, opulent wines for which we have become known. We started with Serial Red Blend 2015 and Serial Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 and will be adding a series of single-grower cabernet sauvignons. I am hopeful that our excitement and commitment to the region and these wines are captured in the bottle.



John Anthony Vineyard John Anthony Vineyard

Weather wines is a collection of Burgundian-varietal wines sourced from Californian micro-climates. The distinctiveness of each Weather wine is driven by the dynamic between the vine and its terroir: how it responds to sun, shade, soil and showers. The connection is weather.

The first wine in the Weather collection is 2018 Weather Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast. Both the varietal and the region are known for their sensitivity and fluctuation. Vines and thin-skinned Pinot grapes wrestle with foggy mornings, sunny days and cool nights to create an exceptionally balanced Pinot Noir with generous fruit, strong minerality and soft acidity.

Future Weather wines will include Pinot Noir and Chardonnay sourced from appellations where the climate challenges yield and produces complex and balanced wines: Santa Rita Hills, Santa Barbara, Napa Carneros and Russian River.

/ˈweT͟Hər/ noun: “The state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, and rain.”

John Anthony Vineyard John Anthony Vineyard

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